Friday, November 16, 2012

My pictures from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere

My experience this year at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere was amazing. Dare I say even better than last year. When we got put in group 3 to line up I thought that we would just be watching from the top of the bleachers but little did I know that we would end up on the front row of the bleachers and it would be unforgettable. As soon as Rob, Kristen, and Taylor got out of their cars they came straight over to us. I got pictures and autographs with all 3. Rob actually spent a lot of time with us and was able to talk to us because he wasn't rushed yet. He was very sweet and it couldn't have been any more magical. The movie was way more than I expected and I will always have the memory of watching the final Twilight movie with the cast.

Rob and Me

My Autograph

 Rob after he passed us signing for fans.  

Me and Taylor

My Taylor Autograph

 More Taylor

Me and Kristen 

My Kristen Autograph

Me and Peter 

My pictures with more of the cast.

 Me and Willow Shield (Primrose from the Hunger Games)

Ashley Greene


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